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  • Melissa Westemeier

week 2 summer vacation

My summer pace has been delightful. I deep-cleaned all the rooms and edited 2 manuscripts for my writing partners. We knocked off appointments at the orthodontist, auto shop and the DMV. My book project is evolving at a steady rate. I swim, practice yoga or ride my bike. I watched some baseball and wandered to my neighbors' backyard campfire last night to chitchat and eat a roasted marshmallow. It's been so wonderfully calm and normal. Summer break with three teenage boys translates into much less heavy lifting than in previous years. It's like living with roommates who eat all your leftovers and don't pay their part of the rent.

And every single day I do the following: 1. Read. So far I've read Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz, Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys, Experiencing the Presence of God by A.W. Tozer and Donna Parker: Secret Agent by Marcia Martin (I needed something fluffy while reading Salt to the Sea, Donna Parker books are like Nancy Drew and this is the only one of the series I never read. Published in 1957, this copy smells like your grandma's basement. It probably came from your grandma's basement.)

2. Remind Mr. T to write his thank you cards for graduation gifts. I hope he finishes soon. 3. Feed people. 4. Pick up towels from the floor. 5. Admire the view of our front yard. The peonies have bloomed in a staggered fashion this year, just gorgeous. 6. Water the flowers and veg garden because it just won't rain here. My rain barrels are nearly empty! 7. Putter in the yard. 8. Add to the small pile of donations for Habitat ReStore and St. Vincent DePaul. 9. Drink coffee.  10. Curse while I read the news.

On that last point, here's a link if you're as angry as me and want to DO something useful: RAICES Family Reunification and Bond Fund

Spill it, reader. What have you done every day of summer so far?

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