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Across the River

Melissa Westemeier's funny, heartfelt new novel explores the surprising confluence of grace and redemption in Bassville, a quirky fishing town on the Wissipaw River. All the locals have a story to tell in the Bassville Pub, and Mona Butterfield--bartender extraordinaire--lends a willing ear. But when the town divides over a farmer's plan to sell his land to pay for his daughter's cancer treatments, life for Mona takes an unexpected turn, and she has to decide where her heart lies--in the past with the Bassville she loves or in the future unknown.

Jess Riley

Author of Driving Sideways, Mandatory Release, and All the Lonely People

“Westemeier's astute and compassionate tale of a small town on the cusp of change is perfect for fans of Garrison Keillor and Fannie Flagg. I recognized every character in this charming novel and missed them when it ended.”


Author of The Green Remains and Death Unscripted

“Across the River shows Westemeier's keen understanding of human nature, illustrating country life in a small town, where the open spaces may be huge, but the lives of the inhabitants are known and closely intertwined. Mona is a young woman finding herself where she wants to be planted; through her eyes we see how one person can make a difference to her family and the community.”

Lauren Small

Author of Choke Creek and contributor to the On Being blog of American Public Media

“Readers of Whipped, not Beaten and Kicks like a Girl know the joy of Westemeieir's novels, full of insight into humanity's follies and foibles. Across the River is a reason to celebrate, delivering storytelling at its unforgettable best.”

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