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Kicks Like a Girl

Florists are heroes, too!

Her garden gloves are off ... this heroine is no pansy!


Gretchen Benton is the maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding when she gets drunk, says exactly the wrong thing and feels alone in the midst of all the couples. She can’t avoid weddings—she’s a florist. She also can't avoid the thugs who break into her shop and assault her the following night. To combat her fear after her attack, Gretchen enrolls in karate classes at a local dojo. Soon she's caught between her handsome martial arts instructor and the cute cop assigned to her case. As she begins mastering the basics of karate (while sweating enough to make her mascara run), Gretchen learns that kicking like a girl doesn’t imply weakness, it means striking hard and striking with style.

“I loved the characters in this novel – they are young, vibrant, and likable. The plot has romance, menacing danger, and secrets from the past. Gretchen, the main character, is a small business owner who decides to enroll in a karate class. That’s just part of the larger plot, but the personalities and interactions in the class were fascinating to me, a non-sportive type. To balance out the karate action, there is also a bakery, which means that cupcakes are occasionally featured. Overall, a very enjoyable book.”

“I loved this book! After just a few chapters I was ready to sign up for karate classes...something I certainly would never have thought of before. This book offered me a blissful weekend of fun reading. Be warned however, once you start, you won't get anything else done until you've finished the entire book. Highly recommended!”

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