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On The River

In late winter of 1985, the locals become restless as the thawing Wissipaw River strains against its banks. June Butterfield, DottieTrayson and Arlyce Shanski secretly help a neighbor escape an abusive relationship. Mona Butterfield and Jake Paulick wrestle with jealousy and uncertainty in their relationship. World-famous bait shop owner Maw Cooper swindles a documentary filmmaker with a fish tale about how his amazing minnows are bred. And a mysterious death forces everyone to choose a side--all before the walleye run begins. The sequel to Across the River, On the River by Melissa Westemeier is the second in her Bassville Stories series.

Lauren Small

Author of Choke Creek, Wolf Constellations

"As the ice starts to break apart on the Wissipaw River, tragedy strikes the heart of Bassville. The darker tone of this second Bassville Story gives you a chance to reflect in a meaningful way on guilt and responsibility in a community when something goes terribly wrong." 

Becky Ramsey

Author of French by Heart: An American Family's Adventures in La Belle France

"In her new novel On the River, Melissa Westemeier has created an entertaining world of living, breathing folks you'll feel like you've known forever. They'll make you laugh and cheer and cry--and worry about them when your own living, breathing people demand you put down the book and make them some dinner! I so enjoyed my time in Bassville, Wisconsin, and I know you will, too!"

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