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Whipped, Not Beaten

If you've sat through a Pampered Chef/Mary Kay/Scentsy party, this read's for you.

Debut fiction from Melissa Westemeier--what happens when Stephanie Plum meets Pampered Chef?  You get:

Sadie Davis is craving change. Recently dumped and working for a boss she despises, she is determined to shake up her life as a single woman in the city of Madison. She takes a side job as a home party consultant selling kitchenware, hoping that it will be the spice that turns her life around. Through failed recipes and cold ovens, Sadie works to create something that’s a bit sweeter, a lot richer, and oh, so very delicious.

“Excellent chick lit. A fun look at sales parties that will appeal whether you love or loathe those sorts of things. You can't help but cheer on the heroine through her ups and downs.”

“A light and cheerful tale of self-discovery. Wry, witty, with a great sense of place, Westemeier has made a delightful froth of a story. It won't take long to read, but you'll definitely be glad you did.”

“Whipped, Not Beaten tracks the love life of Sadie Davis - a smart and endearing twenty something juggling the dating scene, a rotten boss and a pay check that just barely covers the rent. Sadie works as a producer for her local public radio, and the behind the scenes views of her radio show are spot on and fun to read.To help cover her expenses, Sadie decides to start working part time in a home party business. Hilarity ensues, and along the way she discovers a guy who might be Mr. Right after all.If you like public radio or Wisconsin you'll enjoy the story. If you've ever lived through a home party and learned to laugh about it, you'll giggle your way through the book. And if you're looking for a love story with a smattering of real, look no further. Whipped, Not Beaten is the tale for you!”

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