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Through the Channel

The summer of 1988 brings all kinds of new developments to Bassville. Mona Butterfield's busy establishing her farm stand, Dirty Girl Veggies, while Maw Cooper cooks up a fresh scheme to make fame and fortune off his world famous minnows.  At Traysons Crossings the first houses have been built and two families have moved in. While the locals decide how they'll welcome the new people, the Wissipaw River carries a new threat to its shores, dividing the town's loyalties in its wake.

Mary Petrie

Author of At the End of Magic, Loft McKnight and Minnesota State Arts Board Awards Recipient, English faculty at Inver Hills Community College

"Melissa Westemeier has created a sparkling slice of small town life that includes characters so singular and well-drawn, that you will want to move right in and get to know them!  Through the Channel is a treat with plot and people that feel real, and just the right amounts of quirkiness, grit, and humor.  Here's that happy find:  a book you won't want to put down!" 

Miriam Sisson

District Librarian, North Douglas Library District

"I wouldn’t want to live in a world without Bassville, Wisconsin and its cast of small-town charm. Mona and her Dirty Girl Veggies are plowing forward into new adventures in this cozy, engaging third visit to Bassville. I simply loved this book."

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