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  • Melissa Westemeier

no foolin'!

My new book will be available April 1st!

It's been printed and shipped and you can hold a copy in your hands in just a few short days!

Amazing to think that after all of these years of writing and developing and revising this series, the ending is complete. Holding the proof copy in my hands made me feel both proud and a little awestruck. I've brought this entire world of Bassville, its inhabitants and buildings and quirkiness and history, from my brain to actual paper pages and into your imaginations.

How can you get your hands on a copy? Email me ( or message me through Facebook. Local delivery is $15 a copy, shipped to you is $17. Otherwise you can go through Amazon or other vendors.

My grand plans for a book launch and UntitledTown crumbled, but I feel like that might be all right. Most people have more spare time to read these days, and what's better on a wretched, blustery, shut-in day than a really good book? Netflix, you say? But you want to support local businesses and artists, and reading is better for your brain than binge-watching. And by golly, you're sick of staring at a screen if you're working from home or home-schooling anyway. Spring's a busy time until this year when it's not, so during this strange and solitary season where you can't watch baseball and you can't go on vacation and you can't do about a third of what you'd normally do to pass the time you pick up this book.

You read it.

It will satisfy your lust for adventure and community for many hours.

And when you reach the last page I guarantee you will smile because the story will bring you to a good place.

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