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It's April and our school called a snow day this past week. The following day we got a 2-hour delay because of Winter Storm Dan. Today I woke up to the trees flocked with snow and while it looked really pretty, I feel annoyed. Christmas break offered nothing but a frozen crust of turf and temperatures in the negative digits. I never pulled out my snowshoes or skis because we never had enough snow to make a decent go at playing in it--and the two weeks when we did have snow, the temperatures plummeted below zero. Now I'm ready for spring and we've got snow, snow, snow and more in the forecast.

I'm kicking myself hard for not insisting on a vacation this winter. I honestly thought we could hunker down and deal with winter because I assumed winter would last from December through March. Turns out winter won't leave, this lame, snowless-until-the-last-minute-but-wicked-cold-anyway winter and I'm looking at still wearing my knee-high boots when I'd rather be wearing capris and flats without socks.

I got all uppity over Easter break (the 2 days I had off of work before Easter weekend) and cleaned out the garage, hung up window screens and started tidying up the gardens. Now the garage floor has a fresh layer of salt brine beneath where the cars park and those clean windows are streaked. Plus I never did get to air out the house by opening the windows because it never got warm enough. We've still got the heat on here.

Nothing says "Hello, Spring!" like a down coat and gloves, right?

And because my friends and family are really funny, they keep tagging me with this picture on facebook:


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