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  • Melissa Westemeier

kind words

A few early reviews of my new book have come in and they are very flattering (special shout-out to Musings of a Bookworm!). Thank you to everyone who is taking the time or planning to take the time to post on Goodreads or Amazon or to their own social media accounts. This is how my reading audience grows, so your support is invaluable.

Even lovelier than the reviews are the cards I have found in my mailbox from all over the country--so much encouragement and cheer! Lately it's hard to keep my mood or my motivation up. Teaching online is a thankless grind, my children and I are tired of the same-same-same every day, nothing exciting or fresh to look forward to, the lousy weather and continued forecast for sitting around at our house. I realize we have a quarantine of luxurious standards compared to a lot of other people, so I have no right to complain, and knowing that makes me feel even worse. So, it's easy to spiral down into a funky mood. The compliments boost my spirits and make everything seem less bleak. That's the power of a kind word, a loving gesture, generosity.

My creativity and ambition are feeling rather tapped out as I pour my energy into planning an unconventional high school graduation ceremony, begin teaching an online literature unit about science fiction and flip the calendar to another month void of baseball games or parties or even a dentist appointment. I don't know what I'll write about next. Most of my summer plans are cancelled. My college kid is desperately questioning his choices about sticking it out next year and I cannot blame him as I also wonder what my school year will bring. Through all of these frictions I am reminded of the role human contact plays in motivating us to act well, do well and be well. When I'm feeling discouraged and owly, I sift through these cards and find a sweet boost. And I see how necessary it is for me to find a way to boost others.

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